HAPPY NOWRUZ: Some Iranian expats will leap through bonfire flames March 20 to greet the following day’s Persian New Year, Nowruz. Others anticipated it less dramatically at the Neekoo Philanthropic Society’s recent soirée in the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. The seventh annual event should provide $3,000-to-$5,000 scholarships for 40 young students.  Celebrants admired a traditional Haft Sin new-year table set with, but not restricted to, seven symbolic items — coins, vinegar, bean sprouts, etc. — starting with the letter S in Farsi. A banquet of Persian dishes followed in the Spanish Ballroom.

Mana Jalalian helped arrange and Mona Malekian painted eggs for a traditional Persian New Year Haft Sin display at the Neekoo Philanthropic Society’s scholarship-funding soirée. 

Saeedeh Salem welcomed singer Rana Mansour
Arash and Yeganeh Asli and Pourang and Maryam Taheri sponsored the Neekoo soirée via the Arete Venture Capital and Yocale firms.

By Malcolm Parry  |   Source: Vancouver Sun