ON THE WING: With Iranian New Year’s Day, Nowruz, coming March 21, Persian Canadians reportedly raised $125,000 at the Neekoo Philanthropic Society’s eighth annual soirée. The committee head and LaStella winery co-principal, Saeedeh Salem, said it will fund grants for some 30 low-income students The event’s “angel” supporters were Hamid and Arya Eshgi. Her father, Daved Mowfaghian, has donated many millions to B.C. cultural, educational and medical facilities. L.A.-based soirée entertainer Rana Mansour’s latest song, Zan (Woman), seemed to reflect International Women’s Day and contemporary Iran: “I am the voice of our generation. Even if you bind my wings, I am more free than ever before … If you think your arms are strong, I will tear off this blinding veil … I will make the dark, black sky bright and full of stars.” Happy New Year, indeed.

Hamid and Arya Eshghi were “angel” supporters when a Neekoo Philanthropic Society soiree reportedly raised $125,000 to fund 30 student grants. MALCOLM PARRY/PNG

Saeedeh Salem welcomed singer Rana Mansour
Committee chair Saeedeh Salem welcomed singer Rana Mansour when a Neekoo Philanthropic Society grant-funding soiree anticipated Persian New Year. 
Parviz Tanavoli and Tandar Tanavoli
The Neekoo soiree saw Tandar Tanavoli wear jewellery by father Parviz whose temporary detainment in Iran she helped overcome. MALCOLM PARRY/PNG

By Malcolm Parry  |   Source: Vancouver Sun