Advisory Program

An important basis upon which the Neekoo Grant Program was created is the Advisory component. Our desire in fundraising and in providing the financial grants goes well beyond the provision of a one-time financial lump sum. Our goal is to support deserving students to become well rounded contributors to our community. In that respect, the Neekoo Advisory Program is aimed at providing ongoing support to the Grant recipient well beyond their initial year of education.

Our hope is that a strong and lasting relationship is created between the Advisor and the student whereby the Advisor is able to provide recommendation and guidance as well as encouragement to the student beyond completion of their degree. We have all been students in the past and remember clearly tough times where we second guessed our choices and hesitated or panicked before an exam or our first interview for a summer internship. Or perhaps family issues arose and difficult life decisions had to be made. This is where our Advisory will play a critical role in the development and support of the scholarship recipients.

The students benefitting from the Neekoo Grant program or Advisory Program are pursuing a wide range of disciplines. We have received application from aspiring artists, teachers, engineers, philosophers, doctors and many other disciplines. As such the Advisory Program aims to connect these students with professionals within their field so that they can learn about their desired career path. Another component of the Advisory program is to provide financial guidance as the students begin working or assistance with career selection as they get ready to tap into the employment market.

Neekoo, as the word means, is rooted in the vision: to provide goodness and guidance. Our vision for Neekoo is to create a new culture of giving and to teach the youth the ultimate gift of compassion, humanity and contribution. It is through these sorts of initiatives that we aim to continue to expand the circle of love and human kindness. The role of the Advisory group is to bring that level of collaboration, contribution and cooperation into the work that we do so that the students see the rippling effect of kindness.

How do I apply?

Please fill out the form below and we will contact with you shortly.

If you would like to contribute your expertise as part of the Advisory group, please contact us directly at [email protected]