Student Stories

Since the Grant program was initiated in 2012, we have received thank you calls, cards and emails from the students. As our supporters, we wanted to share some of these notes of appreciation with you. Below we’ve presented a couple of thank you notes given to us to share with you by the students:

“First and foremost I would like to thank you for your generosity. I am very honored to be a recipient of Neekoo ‘s grant. I’m currently finishing my second year at Capilano University studying accounting and finance. Upon finishing my degree in two years, I am hoping to continue my education and become a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA).

I am currently working as a personal caregiver to a mentally and physically disabled young adult. Being a Neekoo Grant recipient has allowed me to focus more on school and give back to my community. During the last year, I joined, and help to create Bully Busters, which was part of the United Way campaign at Capilano University.

Like many students, I have had barriers and challenges to overcome to get to this point in my life, including being raised in a single-parent home. My mother has gone beyond her powers to provide my sister and I with the best life. Her strength and willpower, motivate me every day to continue my education and achieve my goals, so I can show her that all her hard work has paid off. Receiving this grant meant that I am one step closer to achieve my goals.

Once again thank you for your generosity. Your contribution has had a huge impact on my education and my future, and I will work hard to honor your kindness.”

“I am so glad and thankful for getting this grant, it gave me hope to continue with my studies, my parents were working so hard and yet they couldn’t pay for my studies, so I was not sure about whether I can continue or I should stop. Until one of our family friends pointed out Neekoo to us, and that’s when I applied and I was lucky enough to get the grant. I am so thankful to each one of the people who are working hard in Neekoo. There are no words that can explain how thankful I am, I hope I can continue and help others in the future just like you do.”



“With your financial and moral support, I was able to successfully complete my first year at UBC. Your donation relieved me and my family’s economic stress and worries and allowed me to focus on studying, instead of being worried about how I can pay my tuition fees.

Growing up as a child, I and my parents were a low-income family and we were on welfare. During childhood, my parents couldn’t afford many of the things I like, thus at a young age, I become familiar with the value and importance of wealth. So I do understand the value and importance of your financial assistance.

The Neekoo organization and their donors have lifted a great burden off of our shoulders and have relieved us of a lot of stress, especially from my dad. With your help, a brighter future lays ahead of me. You have all brought joy to my family.

No words can amount our gratitude to the Neekoo Charity. Because you helped me in my time of need and helped me in a critical point in my life, I am forever in your debt. From now on, I know myself as a member of the Neeko community and hopefully, one day soon, I can give back.”


“As the recipient of the Neekoo grant, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the tremendous support that your organization has provided me through this grant.

To me, this grant empowers me to become a well-rounded individual, but more importantly, it gives me the opportunity to give back to my community and help others. Ever since I was in high school I have been an active member of my community but throughout the past year this has been very limited due to financial barriers. However through this grant, I was given this year, I was able to continue supporting Iranian Canadians in this community, take courses to enhance my education and become one step closer to pursuing my dream of becoming a surgeon.

Currently, I volunteer at two hospitals Vancouver General Hospital and St. Paul’s working with patients and getting a better understanding of the healthcare environment and setting. This experience is crucial because as a future physician it is important to be comfortable, and without this grant, I would not have been able to get this valuable experience.

Additionally, this grant enabled me to take courses that I would not have been able to afford. This is crucial as I want to apply for medicine as fast as possible and being able to take more courses makes me closer in accomplishing my goal and dreams.

Thank you again for establishing this award. I hope that one day I could have a chance to help others, as you have helped me.”


“I’d like to start by thanking you for making the decision to donate towards the fulfillment of many dreams. As one of your recipients I have often reflected on how difficult it can be to decide where to spend one’s generosity, or which future to invest in, with money that has often not been earned easily. It is an honor to experience this generosity; sometimes difficult to believe even. What is perhaps most beautiful is to know that by giving what you have given, you have become a role model to us, and have passed down a legacy that each of us will follow in his or her own way.

I’d like to thank you for something different. Thank you taking a heavy weight off of my parents’ shoulders. I often feel that we children take up so much of our parents’ lives that any relief to them is many times more valuable that relief to us. I’m so glad that they have had one less thing to worry about this year.”

“For the general public Neekoo is just considered a grant program, but for me, Neekoo is a life-changing miracle. That is to say, worrying less financially meant succeeding academically and networking extensively. As a result, I finished my first term as a Civil Engineering student at UBC with a high standing and expanded my network by adding some key people to my connections. Furthermore, Neekoo’s generosity took a heavy load off my parents’ back since they were struggling with the financing of my university tuition. All in all, the only thing I have to say is that if it wasn’t for Neekoo I would’ve never been in the position that I am today. So thank you for changing my life Neekoo :)”
“Neekoo has really given me the chance to take my mind off of financial difficulties and focus on my goals and dreams. I wish that more people could become aware of this wonderful team and their mission. I am very honored to have received their investment and trust.”
“The Neekoo grant has truly made a significant difference in my life. It has enabled me to focus on my studies without the burden of financial stress. I am forever grateful to the Neekoo team for this great privilege.”
“Neekoo grant sincerely helped lift a big weight off my family’s chest. I feel blessed to have amazing people such as you guys helping make my dreams a reality. Thank you so much!”
“Neekoo’s grant has allowed me to focus on my education, with less stress. They have also been my second family. When I doubted myself and my decisions, they helped guide me and reassure me that I’m making the right decisions.”
“Neekoo has been the biggest help for me this year. Without Neekoo my life would have been so much harder and I would not have been able to be as focused on my education as I am right now. This definitely has a huge impact on my success in post-secondary education and my future.”
“I would not be where I am today if it was not for your help. With a full-time course load, there just isn’t enough hours in the day to be able to balance both school and a job to support me through school. I thank you for supporting me in my path to make a difference in this world.”
“Because of Neekoo, I could continue my studies and be less stressed out about money and more focused on my goals to achieve the good grades that I knew I could get. Because of Neekoo, I worked extra hard to show them what their contribution went towards and I put myself on the Dean’s List. I owe so much to Neekoo and I am so happy to have met such amazing women.”
“It is easy to understand how you feel motivated, how you feel that what you are doing is valuable when you get support from successful people of your community.”
“No one can make it alone … human world is a cycle of being supported and motivated by the elder, and give it back again in the future to the younger … I wish I will someday become a significant member of the cycle as well!”
“Neekoo provided me with the financial support I needed for the university. Putting my financial concerns away, Neekoo helped me to direct my focus towards studying and thinking about the major that I liked rather than the one which could pay my loans”
“Neekoo has made a difference in my life by making my transition from high school to university a lot smoother and easier, allowing me to put my maximum focus and effort into my studies instead of focusing on financial issues. With the help of Neekoo Grant Committee, I am now blessed with a great first-year university experience which is holding endless opportunities for me.”
“As a graduate student, receiving Neekoo Grant has brought me the opportunity to put all of my focus on my research and studies and not to worry about the financial challenges of student life. I’m very thankful to the Neekoo Organization for this cause and will pay back to the community in the near future.”
“Neekoo has given me the gift of being appreciated. A gift crucial to my success as a student of the arts and a creative practitioner. Knowing that my success and dreams not only matter to me and my family, but also a group of philanthropists, makes Neekoo my second family. A family which recognizes my ambition and hard work and goes to great lengths to continuously provide me with new opportunities.
It’s been my absolute pleasure to get to know the members of this group personally and build strong relationships within the community.“